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Q&A: Embedded Reporting from the Cloud

Companies across the enterprise are making the switch to storing their data and applications in the cloud. This week we hosted a webinar to discuss this transition and what it means for business intelligence data reporting. The topic was: JReport Enables Cloud Reporting through Amazon EC2, and other cloud infrastructures.

JReport: Reporting from the Cloud

Looking for a reporting tool that can report from the cloud in the same way it would from a local database? JReport can support multiple cloud platforms including Amazon EC2, allowing companies of all sizes to use powerful interactive reporting and dashboards. With this announcement, JReport customers can now deploy JReport to private, public and hybrid cloud environments.

JReport Cloud

JReport Cloud can be easily deployed in a Cloud with the support of Amazon EC2, KVM or VMware. JReport Cloud provides the full power of JReport Server including report bursting, page-level security, dashboards, dynamic reporting and analysis and many other features for enhanced usability, and enterprise deployment.