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Q&A: Quick and Easy Ad Hoc Reporting

Yesterday’s webinar covered a lot of great material, discussing the key benefits of ad hoc reporting and many of JReport’s features that contribute to advanced visualization and its easy to use ad hoc solution. JReport ad hoc empowers end users with the capability to create and modify both simple and sophisticated reports via a powerful Wizard, guiding them step-by-step through the process.

The Benefits of Ad Hoc Reporting

Implementing ad hoc reporting functionality can be of major benefit to the entire enterprise. Self-service reporting puts the tools necessary to build a fully functional report and modify existing reports directly into the hands of end users so that data analysis can be achieved quickly, intuitively, and interactively with little to no training.

Easy Yet Powerful Data Visualization: Register Now!

Are you looking for a solution with a proven track record to provide in-depth reports for your application? Register now for our upcoming webinar and look no further than JReport, where customers have leveraged our data visualization offering since the inception of Java as we continue to offer one of the best Java reporting tool.

What is Ad Hoc Reporting and What Are its Benefits?

Ad Hoc Reporting is a type of reporting that empowers end users to modify existing reports and create new ones from scratch without utilizing IT resources extensively and with very little training. Ad hoc reporting generates reports that meet individual information requirements and views easily and on-demand so that end users can drill through report data for powerful information analysis.

NorthStar TeleSolutions: A JReport Customer Success

NorthStar TeleSolutions: A JReport Customer Success

NorthStar TeleSolutions specializes in the management and support of voice, video, and data subscribers to nearly 100 telecom companies providing service to more than 1.5 million end users across North America. NorthStar’s Insite software helps service providers manage the customer experience in areas such as billing, software management, customer care and customer support.

Quick and Easy Edits with Ad Hoc Reporting: Webinar Q&A!

1) Can ad hoc templates be saved? And can they be shared with members of my department, but have restricted access from anyone else? Yes. Anything that you modify or create as an ad hoc template can be saved, with the option to be saved in 2 different locations. Option 1: Every user has their own “My Reports” folder so anything you build can be easily saved to “My Reports”.

Quick and Easy Ad Hoc Reporting

Our September webinar is just around the corner, and this month’s topic is Ad Hoc Reporting. The powerful ad hoc function in JReport helps to extend traditional reporting by empowering applications with interactive reports via the Web, and reaching beyond the pre-defined, static data snapshots that traditional reporting often provides.