Top 5 Business Intelligence Trends for 2017

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Business Intelligence Trends Survey

Jinfonet recently surveyed more than 400 senior business professionals, and the survey results provide a number of insights and a few surprises into the business intelligence trends driving the enterprise market this year. For example, we couldn’t imagine the high percentage of respondents currently working on external customer projects. It was also eye-opening to see just how many business executives crave the ability to provide analytics for their external customers.

Read on for the top results of our survey, and check out our full results.

1. Increased Need for Analytics Both Inside and Outside the Enterprise

One of the top business intelligence trends this year is their increasing need both inside and outside the enterprise. With the continued growth of the BI market, more and more businesses have come to realize the full value data insights can bring to both their employees and their customers. Of those surveyed, 48% of respondents said that 75%-100% of their commercial customers could benefit from analytical insights.

2. Embedded is the Preferred Method of Data Insight Delivery

Business Intelligence TrendsBoth inside and outside of the enterprise, embedded is the preferred method of delivery whether it be in pre-existing internal applications or customer facing products. 56% of those surveyed chose an embedded approach over a dedicated web portal or scheduled reports.

3. Resources will Continue to be Customer Focused

With the increased focus on BI in the enterprise market, the vast majority of effort will beBusiness Intelligence Trends
customer focused. In fact, 67% of resources applied will focus on external customers. Even in internal projects, customer-facing functions such as “Service Operations” and “Customer Service & Analysis” will be the main focuses.

4. BI will be the Main Focus of Many New Projects This Year

The vast majority of respondents had new upcoming BI projects. When combining current and upcoming projects, the cloud has become the more popular deployment environment for BI and analytics applications.

5. Cloud Deployments will Continue to Grow

Deploying saas reporting solutions continues to grow. Upcoming projects target deployment on the cloud at 50% more often than on-premises. Cloud-ready analytics software is increasingly critical for capturing operational efficiency and performance benefits, and the top reason for switching to the cloud this year was reducing IT operational costs.

Read the full survey results, and get the full scoop.


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