The Benefits of Ad Hoc Reporting

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Implementing ad hoc reporting functionality can be of major benefit to the entire enterprise. Self-service reporting puts the tools necessary to build a fully functional report and modify existing reports directly into the hands of end users so that data analysis can be achieved quickly, intuitively, and interactively with little to no training.

Ad hoc reporting speeds the report creation process by empowering end users to work with their reports independent of developers. This helps to eliminate the lengthy back and forth cycle between end users and IT to achieve a final report, saving valuable time for both the end user and developer and allowing them to focus resources towards more mission critical activities.

Ad hoc reporting should also be intuitive for end users. JReport makes ad hoc reporting as seamless as possible via a highly intuitive Wizard. Using the Wizard, end users can quickly move step-by-step through the report building process selecting from pre-defined, business oriented, data criteria created by developers, without needing to understand the data sources or how to create their own queries for reports.

Ad hoc also enables an interactive reporting experience, as end users can make modifications and additions to their reports on the fly calling information to them instantly. Since report elements are chose individually, end users are able to ask their own questions of the data fully customizing their reports to match their data analysis needs. Additionally, end users should be able to interact with their finished reports by applying controls such as on-screen filters, sliders, conditional formatting, and by creating drill down and linked reports.

It is easy to see that there are many benefits in utilizing a reporting solution, like JReport, with advanced ad hoc capabilities. With an industry leading feature set, JReport’s ad hoc affords end users the ability to create their own simple and sophisticated reports quickly, intuitively, and interactively for a robust data analysis experience.

To learn more about JReport’s ad hoc solution, use the link to Register for our upcoming webinar Quick and Easy Ad Hoc Reporting with JReport!

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