What Really Makes for Agile BI?

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Agile BI is extremely important in the Business Intelligence field and JReport has a plethora of features for quick data interaction and analysis within the new product update, JReport 10.1.

For many of you, Agile BI means developing reports quickly and easily, and cutting down on lengthy development cycles as well as the constant back and forth between end users and developers. The accessible interface in JReport allows users at every level of the organization to contribute to the reporting process. As a developer, enjoy quickly creating new report templates with JReport. And as an end user, easily create ad hoc reports without being dependant on developers.

The simple drag and drop technology to add components and interactions directly onto dashboard  report screens simplifies the process for everyone in the organization. With agile construction of reports and dashboards by end users and developers alike, members across the enterprise can execute lightning fast analysis utilizing the data and interactions of their choice.

In an upcoming webinar presentation, we will discuss this ease of report development using JReport. Join us to see why from administrator, to developer, to end user, JReport helps to create extremely agile BI.

Sign up now for this great webinar presentation; Agile BI: Lightening Fast Report Development & Data Analysis on Wednesday, July 27th at 2:00PM EST!


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