Adventure Tour Reporting: JReport and Resmark Systems

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Introducing Resmark Systems:
Resmark Systems provides the leading tour operator software solution, RESMARK, which helps users to manage tour reservations and marketing initiatives more effectively. RESMARK gives users access to features that help to automate marketing communications as well as functionality to enhance online and phone bookings. With RESMARK, adventure tour operators are able to improve the overall guest experience, while reducing the time and effort to complete the purchase cycle.

Reporting Requirements for RESMARK:
Resmark required an embedded reporting solution to be integrated with RESMARK. It sought a reporting tool that would be versatile enough to be used across all of its user’s core functions such as bookings, accounting, finance, marketing, sales, and operations. Another key factor was usability. Since RESMARK primarily serves smaller tour companies already at a time deficit for operations activities, the reporting solution implemented would need to be user-friendly enough for anyone to create and run reports with a very shallow learning curve.

How is RESMARK using JReport?
JReport was seamlessly integrated with RESMARK and is now being used as an embedded reporting component of the reservation and marketing software. JReport provided Resmark the versatility it was looking for, empowering users to build many different kinds of reports with multiple data sources from one unified and user friendly interface. For example, users can create marketing reports for measuring social media engagement and operations reports to explore booking data by destination. RESMARK makes it easy for users to gather customer information, and JReport helps them use it to make meaningful discoveries by presenting it visually, intuitively, and interactively.

Our users have been able to make better decisions because of the data that they have at their fingertips with JReport. These reports can play a defining role in the strategic direction any one of our operators take” said Brandon Lake, Founder of Resmark Systems

Top Benefits for Resmark of the JReport Solution?
The addition of stronger reporting with JReport has been hugely beneficial to both Resmark Systems and its users. Now RESMARK end users can spend less time searching for data trends, diagnosing challenges, and analyzing the areas of their business that are working successfully, giving them more time to focus on the tours themselves.

With JReport, RESMARK users have the advantage of working with user-friendly interactions like detailed drill downs on-screen filters, slider controls and more to instantly explore data from different viewpoints and get a more accurate picture of their business.

To learn more about Resmark’s success with JReport, read the full story here! Or, if you have similar reporting needs Contact Us Now for a live custom demo!

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